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What Others Are Saying About Writer's Residence

It took me forever to find an online writing portfolio site that was easy to do. You guys have something really great there, and I can't wait to work more with it.
—Tony Wilson
What new freelancers have been searching for all their lives and now here it is, all tied up in one stress-free neat package.
—Carole Woddis, Freelance Writer
Before signing on with Writer's Residence, I checked out lots of other websites that could help me build a website, but I couldn't find one that would allow me to post several multiple-page, high-quality PDFs of my writing samples. I found nice-looking templates to use, but they seemed more geared to photographers and small business owners who weren't looking to post more than a photograph, a menu, or a price list. So I was thrilled when I found Writer's Residence, which not only enabled me to upload long full-color brochures and link to other sites to show my work, but creating the site was so intuitive and effortless that I actually had fun doing it (something I never expected, being a total non-techie). And since I didn't need to go back and forth with a web designer to make edits, I tweaked my copy to my heart's content and finished my entire basic site in one weekend. I can finally say, after several years of failed attempts, that I now have a fantastic-looking website that I'm extremely proud of.
Tim and Monica also helped make the whole experience a pleasure from the beginning with their friendliness and immediate response to the very few questions that I had.
—Maureen Corrigan, MoJo Communications, http://maureencorrigan.writersresidence.com
Setting up a website was the best marketing move I ever made. It has brought in a host of interesting enquiries and leading to a dozen number one bestsellers and trips to a variety of places from Bermuda to Lahore. Within a year of starting it was virtually my only marketing tool, permanently out there in the ether waiting to be discovered and followed up by potential clients. I firmly believe that every writer should have one but I understand they can be expensive and time consuming, and seem a little daunting to a newcomer. What Writer's Residence has done is create an easy to understand and easy to afford package which removes every excuse for avoiding taking the plunge. A brilliant concept, beautifully presented.
—Andrew Crofts, author of The Freelance Writer's Handbook
I have just uploaded my work on to your website which, I have to say, has far exceeded my expectations so thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my work.
—Rob Bortkiewicz
Love your service! You make it look so easy!
— Stephanie Booth
I think the Writer's Residence is a fantastic resource for journalists. I found it very simple and easy to use, and the finished product looked very professional.
—Robyn Urback
Writer's Residence is a lucky charm for writers who want to put their best work in front of potential employers and clients. With a few key strokes you'll be able to build an appealing online portfolio that's professional and appealing. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to showcase their work in an efficient, cost effective and compelling way.
—Chris Beakey
Thanks for such a great and easy way to build a web site! You guys are heaven sent!
—Charlie Fish, Freelance Writer


What is Writer's Residence?

Writer's Residence lets you create a website, résumé/CV and portfolio using only your web browser.
No download is required. Works on any computer with a modern web browser.

Why do I need Writer's Residence?

Writing is a tough business where editors are impatient and first-impressions count. A well designed website speaks to your professionalism and makes it easy for editors to see your work.

Why Writer's Residence?

We take care of the design so you can focus on your writing. With our brain-dead simple system, you can have a website up and running in less than thirty minutes.

Who can use Writer's Residence?

Writer's Residence is for freelance journalists, screenwriters, novelists and pretty much anyone who wants to get published in the writer's market.

Easy for you. Easy for editors.

Our simple features make it easy for you to build a job-winning website. Your website makes it easy for editors to navigate through your samples and contact you for a commission.

Market yourself

You want a website because you want to sell your writing. Our templates show off your work in way that makes sense to editors and clients.

Hosting For Your Samples and Resume

Host an unlimited number of samples. Share your résumé/CV, contact details, and biography in a clean and simple format that makes sense to editors.

Bring Your Own Domain Name

Give your website that added personal touch, use your own domain name.

No HTML? No problem.

We take care of the design so you can focus on your writing. Build your site with plain text using our simple forms. If you want to get fancy, customization is easy with Markdown.

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