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As a writer, you might not have the coding, design or SEO skills it takes to build a website.

We’ve removed the hassle, the time and cost.

Whether you’re an author, journalist, communications ace, copywriter, content creator, or an aspirational novice, a Writer’s Residence online writing portfolio is the easiest way to showcase and catalog your work.

Your writing portfolio website is just five steps away. Here’s how it works:

Step One. Your Profile.

  • Enter your contact details so people can get in touch.
  • Add your profile picture, a powerful way to add personality to your portfolio and connect with people in this increasingly virtual world.
  • Get your unique url <yourname> so people can find you.

Step Two. Customize Your Home Page.

  • This is the first page people see when they go to your website and your first chance to show off your writing.
  • Introduce yourself and your work; start to cultivate your brand.
  • Link to your most impressive writing samples.
  • Show off a glowing testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Step Three. Your Writing Samples.

  • Add links to your work that’s already been published online.
  • Add files in any format from plain text to PDF, sound or video.
  • Make your work easier to find by using categories.
  • Add extra pages to display testimonials from happy clients, describe different aspects of your work, or tell your readers more.

Step Four. Your Resume.

  • Create a winning resume with our resume builder that automatically formats your resume so it meets with industry standards and looks great online.
  • Include pre-built sections for your personal statement, experience, education and memberships.
  • Impress editors, clients and professional contacts using our pre-configured, professional layout.

Step Five. Your Portfolio, Your Way.

  • Choose your theme and colors from our pro-designed templates.
  • Change fonts and use other familiar tools to format your page and make your writing shine.
  • Select a header image from our gallery or upload one of your own.

Take it to the next level.

  • Share your work privately by adjusting the privacy settings, or...
  • Be discovered using our simple and effective optimization tools.
  • Nail SEO on your key pages with our intuitive, on-screen tooltips that beginners will understand.
  • Play around with themes, colors, images, fonts and more.

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