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Why Writer's Residence?

We take care of the design so you can focus on your writing. We use a straighforward five-step framework to make it easy to get a website up and running in less than thirty minutes. Learn more: How to create a writing portfolio in five steps.

Why do I need an online writing portfolio?
Writing is a tough business where editors are impatient and first-impressions count. A well designed website speaks to your professionalism and makes it easy for editors to see your work.

How does Writer's Residence compare to other writing portfolio services?

We've been around longer than most other portfolio sites (since 2008!) and maintain that we are the easiest platform to use, with the best, most personal customer support. See how we compare to Journoportolio,, Authory, and Copyfolio in this post: the best portfolio websites for writers.

How does Writer's Residence compare to Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix? 

Many website hosting platforms are full of great features, but they're also complex. Our platform is designed specifically for writers in mind, with only the features you need to make it easy to create a professional writing portfolio. 

Who can use Writer's Residence?

Writer's Residence is for freelance journalists, screenwriters, novelists, PRs, content writers and pretty much anyone who wants to get published or make writing their career.

Can I try before I buy?

Our 30-day FREE trial gives you access to all the features from the start and allows you to go live right away. After 30 days, you can continue using your portfolio to market your writing for just $9 a month.

Can I see an example of a Writer's Residence portfolio? 

Definitely! Check out our founder's portfolio

How many samples can I add?

There is no limit! You can even categorize your work into groups or add pages for different types of work, areas of expertize or tailored for different people (editors, agencies, corporate clients).

What kind of writing samples can I add?

You can add links to work that has been published online, or upload original files in any format including plain text, Microsoft or Google Documents, pdf, scanned images, sound or video.

Can I password protect my portfolio?

Yes you can. Some writers want to share their work privately; others want to be discovered by search engines. Writer's Residence allows you to choose.

Can Writer's Residence help with SEO? 

Yes! All of your content includes an option to edit SEO features that help search engines find you. Learn more about SEO and how we've built this into our portfolios.

Do I need technical skills to create an online portfolio?

Definitely not! We take care of the technical part so you can focus on your writing. Build your site with plain text using our simple editors.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, and we recommend it! You can use our default setting to get started, or change it to a custom domain name that you've already registered. There is no extra charge. Learn why writers should use a custom domain name.

Can I customize my theme? 

Absolutely. All of our themes support custom headers, colors, and fonts. Create a portfolio that truly reflects your personal style.  

Can I host a blog? 

Yes! Writer's Residence includes a blogging feature where you can post career updates, exciting news, or anything else that inspires you.

Who runs Writer's Residence?

It was created by freelance writer, Monica Shaw, back in 2008. Today, it is still run by Monica and a small team of writers and nerds who understand your challenges and care about your success. 

Can I get help with my writing portfolio?

If you can't find the answer you need from our on-screen tool tips or from our knowledge base, our friendly team of writers and developers are only an email away at

Are there any community features or networking opportunities available on Writer's Residence?

Yes! You can can join our community of over 6,000 writers on Substack. Read helpful articles and join the community chat for advice and feedback on all things related to professional writing.  

Can I integrate social media links into my Writer's Residence portfolio?

Definitely. Just add your social media URLs in the settings area and we'll automatically add icons and links to your portfolio. 

How can I customize my portfolio on Writer's Residence to match my personal brand?

We support customizable themes, layouts, colour palettes, and headers so that you can create a writing portfolio that matches seamlessly with your brand style.

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