Join Writer's Residence as an Affiliate - Earn 40% Commission on Each Referral

Written by Monica Shaw

I'm eager to grow our community of writers and excited to announce that we've launched an affiliate program with a very generous 40% commission and potential for recurring income. 

Writer's Residence is the easiest way to create a professional online writing portfolio, used by freelance writers, journalists, copywriters, authors, ghostwriters, screenwriters, and anyone who wants to make a living from the written word. We've been supporting writers since 2008 with our intuitive platform and outstanding customer support.

Our affiliate program offers you the chance to promote Writer's Residence and earn a substantial income. Drive traffic to our website, help writers succeed with a valuable resource, get paid. 

We're launching the affiliate program with a generous 40% commission for each referal that converts to a paid subscription, with recurring monthly commission for up to a year per referral

Our subscription fee is $9 per month, and most subscribers maintain their subscription (some have been around since 2008!). We think the passive earning potential is pretty exciting! Check it out: 

Total number of affiliates Monthly Income Yearly Income
1 $3.60 $43.20
5 $18.00 $216.00
10 $36.00 $432.00
25 $90.00 $1,080.00
50 $180.00 $2,160.00
100 $360.00 $4,320.00
500 $1,800.00 $21,600.00
1000 $3,600.00 $43,200.00

Interested in becoming a Writer's Residence affiliate? 

Click here to sign up to the affiliate program.

Got questions? Drop me an email at or send me a message on LinkedIn.

We're excited to work with you and grow our community!

Monica Shaw

I founded Writer's Residence alongside my own journey as a professional writer in 2008. Today, I continue to work as a writer among other side hustles that contribute towards my freelance lifestyle. I write for other businesses - white papers, research reports, web content, and other forms of copywriting - as well as for pleasure on my own personal websites, and