Introduction to ChatGPT for Writers [WEBINAR]

Written by Monica Shaw

This first in a series of FREE webinars will introduce you to the basics of ChatGPT.

☄️ Learn what ChatGPT is, how it works, and why it's a game-changer for writers.

🚀 Get your no-fear guide to getting started, including setting up an account, understanding the interface, and creating your first ChatGPT prompts.

👩‍🚀 Participate in a live Q&A where I’ll answer all your burning Questions about ChatGPT

  • What: Introduction to ChatGPT for writers

  • When: Wednesday, 20th March 2024, 1pm ET (6pm GMT)

  • Where: Zoom (I’ll send out a link prior to the event)

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Meet your host: Monica Shaw

Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Monica! I’m a freelance writer with a background in applied math and statistics. Technology tends to come pretty naturally to me, and I’ve long been using it to enhance my career both as a creative writer and a technical writer. I also appreciate that many writers struggle with new technologies, which is how I came to found my portfolio web builder for writers. It’s also why I’m now launching this new webinar series on how writers of all types can leverage ChatGPT to be more productive and enhance their writing (without sacrificing their artistic integrity). I hope you’ll join me in embracing the AI revolution!

Why join this webinar and start using AI?

There’s a lot of worry that ChatGPT is going to replace professional writers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here's the scoop on why embracing AI could be a game-changer for your writing career:

  • Supercharge Your Productivity: Imagine cutting down on the grunt work. ChatGPT can handle the nitty-gritty, like drafting emails or brainstorming content ideas, freeing up more time for you to get creative.

  • Polish Your Prose: Ever wish for a second pair of eyes on your work? ChatGPT can be that, suggesting tweaks for grammar, style, and clarity to make your writing shine.

  • Dive Into New Depths: Stuck in a rut? AI can help you explore new topics and styles, pushing your creativity to new heights and helping you reach a wider audience.

  • Research, but Faster: Dreading the research phase? Let ChatGPT dig through the data, providing you with accurate info and summaries in no time.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: The digital landscape is always changing, and staying tech-savvy means you can ride the wave rather than getting caught in the undertow.

  • Boost Your Brand: AI isn't just for writing. It can help you manage your online presence, making sure your personal brand stands out in a crowded digital space.

  • Network Like a Pro: Being proficient with AI can open doors to new projects and collaborations, especially with clients who value tech-forward thinking.

  • Future-Proof Your Career: Embracing AI means you're not just keeping up; you're setting the pace, ensuring your skills remain in demand as the industry evolves.

Think of ChatGPT not as a replacement, but as a partner in crime for your writing adventures. It's about making the process smoother, the ideas richer, and giving you the edge in a competitive space. And hey, if technology isn't your jam, no worries—I'm here to guide you through it, one step at a time.

I hope you’ll join me on 20th March! Click here to register.

Monica Shaw

I founded Writer's Residence alongside my own journey as a professional writer in 2008. Today, I continue to work as a writer among other side hustles that contribute towards my freelance lifestyle. I write for other businesses - white papers, research reports, web content, and other forms of copywriting - as well as for pleasure on my own personal websites, and

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