Writer's Residence

How to create your résumé/CV

Writer's Residence uses a form to guide you through the process of creating a writing résumé/CV. To build yours, login to your Writer's Residence account and click on the "Résumé/CV" tab.

Fill in your personal details to include in the header of your résumé/CV.

Write your personal statement or objective (if you have one)

Add your qualifications by listing information about your skills. Examples of skills could be "Writing", "Editing", "Ghostwriting", "Technical writing", "Technical skills", "Research", etc. Click on the "Add another qualification" link to list more than one skill.

Add your publications by filling in details about each publication. Click on the "Add another publication" link to add more than one publication.

Fill in your work history. Click on the "Add another job" link to list more than one job.

Fill in details about your education, including any degrees or special qualifications.

List any awards you've earned throughout your career (Pulitzer, Hugo Award, etc.) and memberships to any professional organizations (National Union of Journalists, etc.)