Writer's Residence

How to add a writing sample

Writer's Residence makes it easy to add writing samples in any type of format: plain text, scans of clippings, Word documents, etc. To do this, visit the Writing Samples tab

Then click on the "Add a new sample" link under the main text box. This will take you to a new page where you can add the details of your new sample.

Enter the sample's title, publication, and publication date.

Select the checkbox next to "Display on home page" if you want a link to this sample to appear on your home page.

Enter your sample text in the large text field. This can be the text from the sample itself, an excerpt, or text to describe the sample shown in a clipping or document (see below for how to add images and files). You can also use Markdown to add links and change the textstyle (see How To Use Markdown for help with this).

Click on the "Attach clippings and other files" link to add an image or attach files.

You can upload a picture to display with your sample. Under Upload a picture to display with your sample, click on "Choose File" then choose the image file on your hard drive. Don't worry about resizing it; we'll make it fit and link the picture to its full-size version.

You can also upload files. Under Attach a file, click on "Choose File" then choose the file on your hard drive. To upload more files, click on the "Add another attachment" link. We'll include links to your files on the sample's webpage.

When you're done, click on "Save" to save your sample. You can now view your new sample on your homepage.