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Writer's Residence was created to make it easy for journalists and writers to create a beautiful online portfolio. The service is built and run by Monica Shaw and Tim Harding, a writer / programmer team who live and work in rural Wiltshire and edgy, urban, Hackney


Our goals are simple:

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Every writer has to start somewhere. For most of us, that somewhere is among the throngs of unpublished writers trying to make a go at the business. This is where Monica found herself when she decided to quit her job and become a full-time freelance writer.

Monica decided that she wanted a website to promote her new career. She couldn't find an easy solution, so she hacked away at WordPress and made do with a blog/portfolio type thing. Although she would have rather spent the time pitching articles and writing stories, the effort paid off - she got her first commission, for a national newspaper, after sending the website address to an editor who asked to see some writing samples.

Tim and Monica figured there were lots of writers out there who wanted a fancy website, too, but didn't have the knowledge or the patience to put one together. So they decided to team up and create a service that would help writers get a website going quickly and easily.

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The founders

Monica Shaw is a freelance writer. She used to be a banker but we don't hold that against her. You can read more about Monica at her very own Writer's Residence portfolio. Monica writes about health and fitness for an audience of over 700 people at smarterfitter.com. Monica blogs about food and life, and food and more food at spacekadet.org.

Tim Harding has over 10 years experience creating and running web applications for public and private firms in the USA, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Tim blogs about code and other geeky things at gatezero.org.

The company

Writer's Residence is a service of The Freedom Partnership, owned by Monica Shaw and Tim Harding. Formerly located in London, TFP now operates from a converted barn in the lush Wiltshire countryside.

You can get hold of Writer's Residence by emailing support@writersresidence.com or by calling us in the UK on +44 (0)131 510 1776 or the USA on +1 (312) 300-6950. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Writer's Residence by The Freedom Partnership

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