Copywriters: What are your biggest career challenges?

I’ve been talking to our customers a lot lately, trying to learn more about their specific use cases – what type of writer are they? And how do they use their online writing portfolios?

Something that’s struck me is just how many COPYWRITERS are using Writer’s Residence because it’s a handy way for them to distribute their writing portfolios to potential clients and job opportunities.

Given that Writer’s Residence is all about helping writers market themselves, I’d like to do more for the copywriters among us, be that by improving the site to better serve the needs of copywriters, or by writing useful articles about copywriting here on the blog.

To that end, I’d like to hear from the copywriters out there: what are your biggest career challenges? What boggles you when it comes to marketing your work? How are you using your websites in your career, and do you wonder if you could be using it more productively? Are there things you wish you could do to market yourself that you’re not doing because you don’t know how?

Let me know… and non-copywriting writers should feel free to chime in, too. Most of these questions apply to us all!


2 Responses to “Copywriters: What are your biggest career challenges?”

  1. Bianca Marieta Says:

    Very nice article, and a good question too!

    I think one of the greatest challenges of every online writer is finding time for ourselves. I feel like crying when I see my website lingering there with no fresh content on it. I have tons of ideas I could write about, but I simply lack the physical time to write for myself.

    We always get stuck, I guess, with prioritizing others’ work and leaving our own portfolios “for next time”.

    I’m curious to see other opinions, I think this is a great topic for discussion. I’m sure I’ll see myself mirrored in other comments as well 🙂


  2. monica Says:

    Oh my Marieta, I could have written that comment myself! I expend SO much energy on client work that I rarely have any creativity left to write for myself. You know, for PLEASURE. It sounds like we’ve achieved part 1 of the dream: make a living as a writer. Part 2 is to make a living writing about the stuff that we really want to write about. So yes, making time, even 10 minutes a day, but also figuring out how to get paid for that time. That is the real trick!

    I do have a few thoughts on getting to Part 2 which I will share in upcoming blog posts. Watch this space!

    Thanks so much for your feedback!

    – Monica