A sidebar for your Writer’s Residence blog

Lots of blogs have sidebars with blog rolls, Twitter feeds or search bars etc.

I’ve added a blog sidebar feature for WR that you can get to by clicking on the Blog tab in the management screens and the clicking Blog sidebar in the grey submenu.

That is a markdown enabled field that will show up in the right hand side of your blog page.

I’ve added a blog roll, Google Custom search and a Twitter widget to mine:


The blog roll is just a markdown list of links to my friend’s websites:

**Blog Roll**

* [Monica](http://monicashaw.com)
* [Tim](http://gatezero.org)
* [Henry](http://dillonworld.com)

Here are some notes on where to find the search and Twitter widgets to add to your sidebar.

Google Custom Search
– click the ‘Create a Custom Search Engine’ at the top right of the page
– enter your Writer’s Residence website address into the ‘Sites to search box’
e.g., http://lauradavis.writersresidence.com/
– click through next to get the script to copy and paste into your sidebar


Twitter Widget
– choose Dimensions and then click the auto width check box
– the finish and grab code button gives you the script to copy and paste into your sidebar


Please note that you can also add comments to your blog using a service called Disqus. You can find more about that here:


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  1. Sylvia Silvermaster Says:

    Thanks for sharing information. They are really a big help =)