Updates to the Writer’s Residence blogging tool

We’ve had a blog feature in beta for a couple of months.

I’ve just added a couple of new features:

  1. Pagination: your blogs will now show 10 posts per page and there is are pager links at the bottom of the screen. This is also true in the Writer’s Residence management screens.
  2. Disqus comments: I’ve added an integration with a blog comment service called Disqus. This will let you add comments to your Writer’s Residence blog by signing up for the free Disqus service and then updating your Writer’s Residence settings to let us know what your Disqus “site shortname” is.

Pagination is pretty self explanatory and is a common feature in all blogs but getting Disqus commenting up and running needs a little further explanation.

Setting up Disqus comments for Writer’s Residence is a two step process.

First, Disqus is a third-party service so you need to create an account with them. Sign up at the Disqus registration page and take note of the site shortname you enter when you create your account, you’ll use this to tell Writer’s Residence about your Discus account.

Now, log in to Writer’s Residence, click the “Settings” link at the top right corner and then click the “Blog comments” link. Enter your Disqus “site shortname” in the box and click “Save”.

Your Writer’s Residence blog now has comments!

3 Responses to “Updates to the Writer’s Residence blogging tool”

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  2. Sylvia Silvermaster Says:

    Hi I ma Sylvia. Thanks for sharing tips about disqus =)

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