Writer’s Residence PayPal Subscriptions

Writer’s Residence uses PayPal to manage monthly subscription payments.

Unfortunately a number of our customers have been having problems with PayPal when they get a new credit card or bank account.

This is a quick guide to making sure your PayPal account is configured correctly so PayPal can continue to draw monthly subscription payments from your account.

If you need help at any point with this please get hold of us: support@writersresidence.com or UK: +44 (0)220 7193 3255 or USA: +1 (312) 239-0765.

First check that your Credit/Debit cards are up to date. Log in to PayPal. Click “My Account” then “Profile” and then “Credit/Debit Cards”.

Profile Summary - PayPal-2-2

Make sure all your credit/debit cards are up-to-date and remove any cards that are expired.

Credit cards - PayPal-2

Now that you’re sure all your cards are current check your subscription settings. Click My Account, then Profile and My pre-approved payments.

Profile Summary - PayPal-3-2

Next click the subscription from The Freedom Partnership:

Recurring payments dashboard - PayPal-2

In this screen make sure the credit card or bank account selected as the funding source is up-to-date and valid.

Subscription Details - PayPal-4

Now that you’ve confirmed your PayPal account is set up correctly and that there are no expired cards the next time PayPal attempts to take payment things should work fine.

If your payment fails again please contact PayPal and ask them why the transaction is failing. They should be able to help you reconfigure your account so that the next payment is successful. Unfortunately PayPal will not talk to us about your account, for security and privacy reasons.

Some customers have experienced their subscriptions being cancelled while configuring their accounts at PayPal, in the case that this occurs please log in to Writer’s Residence and subscribe again. Your website will be reinstated and none of your work will have been lost.

f you have further problems get in touch with us again and we’ll make sure your account doesn’t expire while we’re trying to sort this out. support@writersresidence.com.


Tim and Monica

Writer’s Residence

One Response to “Writer’s Residence PayPal Subscriptions”

  1. Robert Reynolds Says:

    PayPal is a difficult system to use and has been dropped by many merchants as a result of customer complaints. I spent 1 hour and 5 credit cards to get it to work for your site. And there is definitley nothing wrong with the cards–it is their system. Next time I will write a check as I don’t normally give business to a merchant where I am required to use PayPal.