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Writer’s Residence on

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Writer’s Residence grew out of my own career as a freelance writer and so I feel a special connection with all the other freelance writers out there who are trying to succeed in this very competitive business and make a living through writing. has a similar mission, and this week they’ve been so kind as to feature an interview with me on their blog.

Click here to read the interview, and while you’re there, have a poke around the rest of their website – they have loads of useful articles and business advice for freelance writers.

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My Interview on Novelists, Inc.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

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A few months ago, marketing expert Penny Sansevieri told us how important it is that authors have a website as part of their marketing machine. This goes for new authors, as well as authors who have already been published. In fact, it’s crucial that multi-published authors have websites so that they can present their catalogue of work in one unified place. So naturally, I was really excited when Novelists, Inc., the international organisation for multi-published authors, contacted me for an interview about websites and online portfolios for authors.

They just published the interview on their blog today and I encourage you to take a look. In addition to advice about writing and websites, I also had the chance to talk about health, fitness and even mathematics. It’s an eclectic interview, that’s for sure, but all the more enjoyable for it.

So thanks Novelists, Inc. for the opportunity. It’s a thrill to be featured on your website.

Read the interview: Freelance writer and Web designer Monica Shaw