Do Writers Need an Online Portfolio?

Today, I’m thrilled to bits to be guest blogging on one of my favorite writing blogs, Tumblemoose.

Tumblemoose is George Angus, a professional writer who lives in Alaska and has an amazingly smooth bald head that I swear tells the future. In fact, his head just told me that you’re going to head over to Tumblemoose to read my guest post about why writers need an online writing portfolio.

Here’s a snip to whet your appetite:

There comes a time in every writer’s life when she asks herself if she should set up a website. For me, that was in early 2008 while I was still working full-time at a bank but dreaming of going solo as a freelance writer. I decided to register a domain and hack together an online writing portfolio to promote myself as a writer. Although I would have rather spent the time pitching articles and writing stories, the effort paid off – I got my first commission, for a national newspaper, after sending the website address to an editor who asked to see some writing samples.

Do all writers need an online writing portfolio? My short answer: absolutely. This fact only becomes clearer as my career progresses and I build up my portfolio with clips and samples. Here are just a few benefits of putting your work online…

Read the rest of my post at Tumblemoose. And while your there, have a look around – George has written plenty of helpful articles for aspiring writers to learn from!

2 Responses to “Do Writers Need an Online Portfolio?”

  1. Tumblemoose Says:

    And Ms. Monica, let me take this chance to congratulate you on an outstanding post. The readership has obviously been intrigued with the topic. It’s thoughtful collaboration such as this that makes me so happy to be doing what I’m doing.



  2. Monica Shaw Says:

    Thanks, George. That’s what I love about blogging – collaboration. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest post – I had fun writing it and I especially loved all the comments!