8 Applications No Writer Can Live Without

Yeasterday’s freelance folder featured a great article by Danny on the 15 Applications No Online Business Can Live Without. In many ways, writing is an online business in itself, and it got me thinking about the applications I rely on to get the job done. Some of mine overlap with Danny’s, while others are specific to the writing craft.

1. Writer’s Residence

Every writer should have an online portfolio. Naturally, I’m a little biased towards my own.

Online portfolio for writers_ Writer_s Residence.jpg

Alternative Resources:
Type Pad

2. GMail

Gotta have email, right?

Google Mail.jpg

3. Google Reader

The ultimate organizer for RSS feeds.

Google Reader (1000+).jpg

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4. Google Analytics

Everyone wants to know how much traffic their website is getting.


5. Google Docs

Web-based word processor and spreadsheet, especially good for collaboration.


6. Skype

Skype rules for making phone calls with people all over the world. Plus, it’s free if the person you’re calling has Skype, too!


Alternative Resources:
Sight Speed
Google Talk

7. Highrise

Highrise rules for keeping track of contacts, leads, queries and more.


8. Twitter

Twitter is a great way to connect with other writers and potential clients, especially people in your target market.


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What are your essential apps?

Do you have any applications that your writing business couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

4 Responses to “8 Applications No Writer Can Live Without”

  1. Tumblemoose Says:

    Wow, I think you’ve hit all the major apps here. I use most of these at one time or another.

    I use the MS Office suite pretty frequently. Word is essential to me for my word processing.

    I’m a FireFox lover for browsing needs and detest Internet Explorer.

    Oh I just have to have my iTunes in place for musical inspiration when I write (sometimes).

    Cool list, and I like the alternatives as well.


  2. Lindsay Says:

    It’s a little scary how much we rely on Google. I can’t talk, since Adsense makes up a big chunk of my income, but really!

    I think Skype and Google Docs have truly made working from home (and interacting with clients/collaborators) a lot easier. I’d probably add WordPress–what writer isn’t blogging these days?

  3. monica Says:

    @Tumblemoose – It’s funny you should mention iTunes. On freelance folder’s post, I also commented tht “Spotify” (streaming music) was on my list of must-have apps. Critical for productivity.

    @Lindsay – Our Google reliance is scary. What will happen if/when it ever goes kaput? Good point about blogging, and yet another reminder that we really need to add blog functionality to Writer’s Residence. It’s coming!

  4. Japanese words Says:

    Those are all pretty good ones. It is a bit scary how focused we have become on GOogle products though isn’t it?