Seth Godin Interview: How to Become a Leader

061AD8AA-279A-4D99-91BD-DC134B1E38BE.jpgPick up any how-to book on writing and chances are they will all contain this piece of advice:

Pick your niche and become an expert.

In other words, become a leader in your field of choice. But how does one become a leader?

Seth Godin’s latest book, Tribes, is all about leadership. Today’s copyblogger features an interview with Seth Godin in which he talks about the dynamics of tribal leadership. It’s worth a read if you’re having trouble picking your tribe (i.e. your niche) and getting in touch with fellow tribe members. For example, Seth shares a few “universal principles”, some of which are especially true for writers:

Charisma doesn’t make you a leader, leading gives you charisma.

When in doubt, work with small groups.

Talk to people with respect, don’t advertise at them.

Transparency is your only option, because the tribe will smell artifice.

While these tips might seem general, think about how they apply specifically to your writing life. Here’s an idea: have a look at your blog or writing portfolio. How do you present yourself? Are you a jack-of-all-trades? Or have you focused your writing on a specific genre? Do you come off as preachy or salesy? Or do you tell it like it is, in plain English? Are you trying to address everyone in the world, or have you targeted a specific market?

Being a writer is ALL about being a leader. Why else would someone read what you have to say?

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3 Responses to “Seth Godin Interview: How to Become a Leader”

  1. Anne Wayman Says:

    Seth is so cool… thanks for the pointer.

  2. monica Says:

    Anne, you’re welcome! The Dip is also worth a gander:

    The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)

  3. Tumblemoose Says:

    Hi Monica,

    I have to make a little confession here: I’ve not read Tribes. I also do not visit his site because of my stubborn feelings about not being able to comment. I have no doubt that this is good stuff, I see it referenced all over the place. With that said, I will give Tribes a chance, and get a copy.

    On another subject, could you email me if you are interested in doing a guest post over at Tumblemoose about the benefits of an on line Author Portfolio? I think it would be great for the readership to have something like that from an expert in the field.