Twitter Basics from Janet Barclay

skitched-20090210-195806.jpgI recently wrote a post that describes how Twitter can be used to publicize your work and gain exposure to your writing portfolio. If you’re still stumped when it comes to Twitter, Janet Barclay has a great series of posts on Twitter Basics:

For example, today’s post taught me about Mr. Tweet.

Mr. Tweet will look at the people you’re currently following, your followers, and the subjects you tweet about, and provide a list of recommendations.

So if you’re looking for fellow writers, follow Mr. Tweet and he’ll show you the way! And if you’re already a twit, feel free to follow me!

4 Responses to “Twitter Basics from Janet Barclay”

  1. Anne Wayman Says:

    I love Mr. Tweet… but I’m having trouble balancing social media, with writing, with life!

    Anne Wayman now blogging at

  2. Janet Barclay Says:

    Anne, you might find this article helpful: Five Ways to Maximize Your Time When Social Networking

  3. monica Says:

    I know what you mean, Anne. I could easily spend a day on social networking alone. But w hen would I ever get any real work done? It’s tricky… I know how valuable networking is, but it’s not exactly the kind of work that makes me thing “aah, nothing like a job well done!” once I’ve signed off. It’s a slow, life-long process, and you’ve gotta be careful you don’t get completely sucked in. I try to timebox it, spending an hour or two a day on my social networks, blogs, etc. I know if I do this consistently, it will pay off. But if I do TOO much of it consistently, I’ll be out of a job. =)

  4. monica Says:

    Janet, thank you for that link! There are some great tips in there for people like Anne and I. And I see #2 gets right to the point of what we were discussing above: “It’s great to network with other people in your industry – you can probably learn a lot from each other – but keep in mind that this should not be your main focus. If your goal is to find new clients, you need to connect directly with people in your target market, or with people who can introduce you to potential clients.”