Taking Care of Your Writing Clips

We’re in the business of helping writers create online portfolios, so naturally the subject of writing samples comes up a lot. Even so, we don’t often discuss the challenge of managing printed writing clips such as those that have appeared in newspapers and magazines. Specifically, how should you store your printed writing samples so that they’re easy to find when you need them?

Terreece Clarke has a few suggestions on today’s Freelance Writing Gigs. Her key point is: make sure you have electronic versions of all of your articles stored in a convenient place so they’re easily accessible when it comes time to send them to editors or job employers.

Specifically, if your article appears on the web, save it as a PDF. If your article appears in print, save a JPEG scan of the article and store the prints in flat folder or file.

Whatever your style, you need to develop a system. Save time with web articles and keep a list of links and the PDF versions easily accessible to cut down on the amount of time you spend Googling yourself to find your clips. Keep your print article clips organized and in good condition – no one wants to look at a rumpled piece of paper in a submission packet.

My advice is to save all of your electronic writing clips on your website so they’re easily accessible to you and anyone else who wants to read them.

Taking Care of Your Writing Clips [freelancewritinggigs.com]

2 Responses to “Taking Care of Your Writing Clips”

  1. Jen Says:

    Great ideas. I have always struggled with print clips–who keeps track of all of their paper after they move 20 times? Keeping a scan is smart.

  2. Terreece Says:

    Hi! Thanks for the blog plug. One quick clarification – I’m a girl :0) People always think my name is Terrence but it’s like Theresa without the ‘a’.

    It’s a great idea to save your clips at your own web site, however after so many articles over so many years I think it would be too much info to store at your site. Also if the site crashes, you may lose everything.

    Generally for their personal business web sites I advise writers to only post their very best work and if they handle multiple niches or genres a top example from each genre or style is enough.