Find Success in a Subpar Economy: Capitalize on Trends


It had to happen sooner or later.

Last week I sent out a few pitches to some UK newspapers and magazines. Today, the emails started rolling in…

I’m afraid I’m not commissioning anything at the current time.

We’re not commissioning at the moment. Sorry.

Would they have commissioned my article otherwise? I guess I’ll never know.

I’m not the only writer who’s struggling at the moment. Many of you out there are feeling the pain. But there’s good news for us freelancers: we’re in a prime position to weather the storm.

But how?

Yuwanda Black of Copyblogger explains, “we live in the information age. No matter what’s happening in the world, information needs to be disseminated.”

Yuwanda suggests that we start thinking of ourselves as “information consultants” rather than freelance writers.

“When you become an information consultant, your mindset shifts. Then you start looking to capitalize on trends.”

Kristine Hanson, a freelance writer and author, agrees that the ability to spot trends is vital to surviving a tough economy.

“Any person in any career right now needs to think outside of the box to not only adapt, but succeed,” says Hanson on The Golden Pencil.

Where do you spot these trends? There are plenty of places to look: newspapers, blogs, radio, the people around you. Still overwhelmed? Then check out Inkwell Editorial’s 2008-2009 free industry jobs report. The paper outlines hot niches in areas such as finance, technology, health, green writing, politics, online marketing and travel writing. This one got my attention:

Gerontology: The study of old people. With an aging population, this field will provide plenty of gigs for new and experienced freelance writers in the years to come… eg, diseases most likely to affect the elderly,
healthcare cost, care facilities for the elderly, careers possibilities for college graduates, medical advancements that increase life span, what living longer means for natural resources, etc…Get the idea?

Niches that never go out of style? According to Inkwell:

Some mentally challenging diseases like autism;
Smoking cessation;
Alcohol and drug abuse; and

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Where have all the freelance writing jobs gone? [Copyblogger]

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