Are you an Accidental Freelancer?

Have you found yourself out of a full-time job, suddenly forced to cobble a living from various freelance, contract and part-time gigs? Then you’re not alone. Tina Brown calls this “The Gig Economy”, and according to her poll in The Daily Beast, one third of Americans are now working either freelance or two jobs, with nearly one in two (45%) taking on these additional positions in the last six months.

Of course, just because you’ve been wooed into freelancing by the Gig Economy doesn’t mean it’s easy to run your own show. To help all you new freelancers out there, Michelle Goodman of The Anti 9-to-5 Guide has an article on ABC News sharing her 10 recommendations for navigating your newfound freelance status.

In addition to some softer recommendations such as “the alarm clock is not your friend” and “your bed is not an office”, she also includes some really useful advices about taxes (their not optional), contracts (don’t do work without one) and health insurance (a necessary evil).

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10 recommendations for navigating your newfound freelance status

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