6 Website Tips from Laurie

Tim and I are back from our respective holidays and so excited to see how many new people have signed up for Writer’s Residence.

For those of you who are new to websites and online writing portfolios, Laurie at Quips and Tips for Freelance Writers has posted a great set of 6 Website and Blog Building Tips. This is a great list for Writer’s Residence users, and anyone who has a website.

My favorite tip is explain yourself. In other words, give you and your website a little personality by describing who you are and why your website exists. For even more personal touch, use an image. Laurie quotes website consultant, Scott Ellis:

It’s extra work to find a suitable image, resize it, upload it… but images draw attention and can pull the reader’s eye toward a particular paragraph or phrase… Images can also bring a reader’s attention quickly to the top left where they will start reading. Give your images meaningful and accurate names, too. This is also good for Search Engine Optimization as images are commonly sought on the web and no one is looking for IMG0022388.JPG.

Other tips include keep your website clean, easy to read, and easy to open, know your competition, and get involved in social media.

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6 Website and Blog Building Tips

One Response to “6 Website Tips from Laurie”

  1. Laurie PK Says:

    Thanks for posting this link — it was a fun article to pull together! I only wish I’d known all this BEFORE I built my blogs and website, not after 🙂 But, it’s never too late to tweak and even recreate one’s website and blogs…

    Happy writing, fellow scribes! And, happy blog building…