Updates to Writer’s Residence

We perform routine maintenance and upgrades weekly on Saturday mornings between 7am and 8am London time (GMT+1 at the moment). Today’s upgrade took 5 minutes. Future upgrades should take about the same time, all going well, but it is good to have some headroom on changes like these.¬†Thanks for your patience, we want to keep making the site better for you.

Tim and I have had a busy week! We’re delighted to see how many new people have signed up to try Writer’s Residence but we’ve noticed that some of you folks were having a little trouble getting your websites off the ground. So we decided to put in some extra help features to hopefully make it even easier to set up your online writing portfolios.

Here’s a run-down of the changes…

Checklist in the dashboard

When you sign in to Writer’s Residence, you’ll now see a checklist on the dashboard that contains a list of all the things you can do with your website. We listed things in the order that we think makes the most sense, but you can certainly do things in any order you wish.


Improved guidance in the management screens

The management screens now contain a few extra tips and suggestions to help you fill in the required information. Once you get the idea, simply click the upper right hand corner of the box to close it forever.

More obvious notifications and easier navigation

We’ve also added some extra notifications and links to reassure you that your changes have been saved and to make it easier to see your changes.


A website address is now required

We’ve integrated the website address process into the sign up page so that customers choose their website address when signing up. From now on you’ll always have an address like http://monicashaw.writersresidence.com, you can also set up your own domain name like http://monicashaw.com.

Any questions?

In addition to the site changes, we’ve also changed our UK support telephone number and added a USA number. Give us a call if you need any help! Or send an email to support@writersresidence.com.

UK: +44 (0)20 7558 8654
USA: +1 (312) 239-0765

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