Writing CV Q&A: Where Do I Put My Freelance Writing Work?

Whether you freelance full-time or part-time, it’s important to include your freelance writing work in your writing CV. This will eliminate any job gaps in your writing CV and show that you are capable of finishing a project.

Simply list “Freelance Writing” along with the other jobs in your writing CV. For example, suppose I’m a computer programmer who has done some article writing on the side. I would add my freelance writing experience to my writing CV as follows:

Freelance Writer
March 2001 – Present

Computer technology writer and editor with 7 years experience in the computer industry. Strong experience in print and online article writing. Clients include ComputerHelp Online, CompuPub and WikiNow.

Remember: The most important thing to do on your writing CV is don’t lie and don’t leave any gaps.

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