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Writing CV Q&A: Where Do I Put My Freelance Writing Work?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Whether you freelance full-time or part-time, it’s important to include your freelance writing work in your writing CV. This will eliminate any job gaps in your writing CV and show that you are capable of finishing a project.

Simply list “Freelance Writing” along with the other jobs in your writing CV. For example, suppose I’m a computer programmer who has done some article writing on the side. I would add my freelance writing experience to my writing CV as follows:

Freelance Writer
March 2001 – Present

Computer technology writer and editor with 7 years experience in the computer industry. Strong experience in print and online article writing. Clients include ComputerHelp Online, CompuPub and WikiNow.

Remember: The most important thing to do on your writing CV is don’t lie and don’t leave any gaps.

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

You don’t need to write for free. Freelance writing jobs are everywhere. Have a look through any of the freelance writing job boards and you’ll be blown away by the number of paying gigs out there.

Here is a list of my favorite websites to look at for freelance writing jobs, plus a bonus tip for those of you who overwhelmed by the sheer number of freelance writing jobs out there.

Subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite freelance writing job boards, and peruse the listings all at once in Google Reader or your RSS reader of choice. (Read this primer on RSS if you’re new to the concept.)

Now, on with the list you’ve been waiting for!

Where to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Welcome to the Writer’s Residence Blog!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Hi, I’m Monica, and this is the new blog for!

Tim and I created Writer’s Residence to help writers create an online portfolio and now we have this great blog! Thank you, Tim, for building it.

This is a blog about writing. Occasionally we’ll post news and updates about Writer’s Residence, but mostly we’ll stick to the good stuff that writers want to read about:

  • Writing tips
  • Getting published
  • Marketing yourself on the internet
  • Careers in writing
  • How to be a better writer
  • How to find paying gigs

And so on…

Stay tuned!